Weight Watchers is a funny thing. First off, I think it is fun. I have responded and talked to so many people on it, and 98% of them have been very nice. I always type little messages on the WW online board, well, because I am bored and want people to see my blog. People I have met who have done WW have been really nice, and love to share their experiences.

For the last month, I have been a little frustrated with WW, and it clicked today why I have been. First off, the program I am doing (Core) which you eat until you are full, and you eat from a healthy variation have been great. It changed my life (along with my fiber knowledge). It is not a diet, but a way of life. WW also has another program, Flex, and that is what you might have worked with, you know, the one with points. It is more about moderation, which works real well for some people, and I think most people have their success with that.
Now,I did not know this, but a lot of Weight Watcher members have a debate on Flex vs. Core. The core people think that Flex is not realistic because you have to count points, and the Flex people think that Core is to restrictive. To me, who cares!

Anyway, back to the subject. I have been frustrated because of the Long Time Crazy Weight Watcher members, otherwise know as the WW fanatics. I joined a Yahoo group filled with them, I think it was called “Serious Weight Watchers Only”. Yikes, it was scary. I think these were the requirements:
1. Had to have been in WW for the last 25 years, quitting and starting back 27 times
2. Can’t stand success
3. Will not tolerate other people losing more than 1 pound a week
4. Flex is the only way
5. Flex is the only way

The last two is what has been frustrating me. There are so many nice people in WW, it is those fanatics who ruin it for everyone. On this Yahoo site, it was nothing but you will fail and you will fail.They know everything about Weight Watchers, yet they are mad at the world because of their failures. You know, we are all together for one thing, to get healthy. You Weight Watchers fanatics, leave us newer members alone!! I think they make it rough for all the nice Weight Watcher members, which is most. If you want to meet some real nice people, go on the WW.com forums. Talk about support!

I have also been upset because at my meetings, my Barbara has not been there. Barbara is the receptionist, and the ONLY reason i go on Monday’s at 8:45. She is so nice, supportive, wonderful, and she makes me feel good. When I lose weight, she throws her hand in the air and yells “I knew it”. She always asks me how I am doing. Plus, she has lost a nice number, 40 pounds and kept it off for over 2 years. That in itself is a feat!
So for the last month, she has been in Spain. I am happy that she got a vacation, but selfishness wanted her to be there for me. So every time I would come in for the last month, I would weigh in, and no one would say anything. The leader, who is real nice but can be a touch condescending just smiles. It irritated me, but I was tough. So finally, Barbara came back this Monday, and was real excited to see me. I felt great! When I lost the 4 pounds, she looked at me and yelled “That’s my boy”.
Those are the little things that get me going!

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