First off, I love the Hungry Girl book.. I have maybe done 3 recipes out of it ( My wife bought the book for me), but I love the fact that someone took Fiber One and blended it. Now, I can use Fiber One for 9000 different recipes. Oh yeah, I love Fiber One! It can be used for anything, including:

1. Cold Cereal
2. Breading For Chicken
3. Toppings for salads
4. Sandwiches
5. Fuel for my car
6. Dumbbells
7. Downloading Music

Alas, this post is not about Lisa, but the other “Hungry Girl” in my life, Bella. She is our family dog. Here is a baby picture of her, and she is even cuter now. She is a Papillon, which is French for “barks every 5 minutes“. She has personality, and loves people. A no fear attitude, and loves to lick. We love that dog.
About the same time I started my “weight loss journey”, we took Bella to the vet. She went on the scale, and she weighed in at 8.9 pounds. Now, her goal weight is 7.5, so she was very overweight. We were quite concerned! She has bad knees, so it is very hard for her to carry all of that weight.
Now, she loves to eat, so we had to think of something. I mean, she needed to lose that pound. So the first thing we did was sit her down, and had a heart to heart with her. It did not do a lot of good, because all she did was bark.
Then we suggested putting her on Weight Watchers. I put in her weight into the points calculator, and at 8.6 pounds, she had 18 points. Wow, that is a lot of points! I think she would gain more weight like that!
Then I suggested putting her on WW core. It seemed like a good idea. I mean, she is a dog, most of her food is core! But she would still sneak treats like beef jerky, and pumpkin pie snacks!
Then, after all failed, I remembered that “The F-Factor Diet” worked for me, so why couldn’t it work for her. So we added some fiber into her diet in the form of sweet potato chips. Man, she was loving it. She also did more exercise. She did 9 laps around the table, when before it was only 3.
I am happy to say that Bella is at her goal weight of 7.4 pounds now. She is a DW (Dog Watchers) leader, and she inspires other puppies. There was a bulldog who sent her a thank you after she lost 2 pounds by adding fiber. Bella is my inspiration!

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