So I have gotten a few emails from people who are struggling with money, and right now who isn’t. Times are tough, and everyone is feeling the pinch. They have been saying that it is tough to afford a gym membership, and going to Weight Watchers, and it is very expensive to buy fresh fruit and vegetables.
So it got me thinking how much money am I spending compared to how much I did before? Actually, I never thought about it. So lets go back a year ago…..

October 2007-
Gym membership- $0- I was not a member of a gym. For what, to brag to everyone that i do not go to a gym.
Prescriptions-$150 a month. I was taking two heart medications, Lipitor for cholesterol, Advair and a inhaler which I would use twice a day because my breathing was very rough.
Food- I would rarely shop, but I would go out to eat a lot. Hmmm, let’s just say conservatively I was spending $20 per day on food, maybe $50 on the weekends. I still shopped at the store, but when i would buy food, i would eat it right away. Looking at it, i think it was about $950 a month. It was probably more, but about $240 a week sounds right.
Chiropractor- I would go three times a week, with a $15 co-pay. $180 per month.
Clothing- About $500 per month. I could only get clothes at the Casual Male, and for my job, I had to make sure they were nice. My pants ripped a lot, so those were the biggest offenders.
Cleaning Lady- $300 per month. i could not bend down, so I had to have someone clean the house for us.

Those are a few things, but the list alone equals $ 2080 dollars per month. And I am not rich!! A lot of it was put on Credit Cards, but at the time were necessities.

Now lets look at the present time……
October 2008-
Gym and memberships- $169.99 per month. I am a member of to gyms (A boxing gym and a regular gym) and I am a member of WW, the meetings and online.
Prescriptions-$40 per month. I do not take those medications any more, but I do buy a very good multi vitamin at GNC.
Chiropractor/Cleaning Lady- $0, don’t use either one right now
Food- I do not go out to eat very often. I have learned to try to buy food in bulk.I like quick meals, so I will buy chicken at Sam’s and cook it for the week, or I will go to my grocery store (Publix is what we have here) and get a good amount of fresh fish. That is the most expensive thing. I also buy steam fresh vegetables, fruit, Fiber One, All Bran, etc. I do not buy Crystal Light or Diet sodas, but I do buy bulk bottled water. So I would say I spend about $900 per month, and that is on the high end.
Clothing- Losing weight does mean you have to buy clothes, but buying clothes when you are thinner is a lot easier. Now, I spend about $200 per month.

So overall now, I spend $1309.99. I also spend another $200 on books a month, and since I have been blogging, I have not been watching as much TV or playing video games. So about $1509.99

But the truth is, even if I was spending more money, it is worth it. I knew going into this journey that I could not half-ass it. I would have to change my life completely. When you have to lose 200 pounds, you can not just cut out soda, or walk a little. No, no you have to do a life transformation. I knew that from day one. I have kept up with it from day one, eight months ago.
My wife and I have struggled with money, and we still do. $1500, let alone $50 is so tough to come by. But I guess the point I am trying to make is that you can see a difference if you change a couple of things in your life, and eliminate a couple of others. Instead of going to Outback tonight, get “The-F-Factor Diet”book and read it. Instead of going to the bar and drinking, join a gym.
Right now, I am spending money, and I think it is the best investment I have ever done!

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