So I joined Weight Watchers earlier this year, and let me tell you, it works. If you watch your portion sizes, you will lose wight. I don’t know the true science behind it, but I guess if you eat less, you will lose weight. I go every week to get myself weighed in, and sometimes I stay for the meetings.

I don’t care what anyone says, Weight Watchers is not so guy friendly. I mean, I have seen three guys at meetings, and all of them looked like they wanted me to help them look for their “lost puppy” deep in the woods. Not only that, but the topics are how to accessorize, and dance your fat off. Listen, I am not John Wayne, but come on, guys have to have a safe haven as well.

Wow, that was off subject. Anyway, I was losing weight, but….I was real close to realizing I would not be able to count points my whole life. I mean, that is just me. I was on the Weight Watchers website when I saw a add for a product called Fibersure. It was a little commercial hosted by a woman named Tanya Zuckerbrot.It talked about fiber, and I am like everyone else, I know what fiber is. Prunes, ummm, prunes…oh yeah and trees, right? She talked about how important fiber is to a healthy lifestyle, and talked a little about her book The F-Factor Diet. So, I went out, and I bought a bottle of Fibersure and the book.
Let me tell you, I read the book, and it completely changed the way I think about food. It talks about how important fiber is, how people do not get enough fiber every day, and the positive health effects fiber has.
I also learned that fiber can be found in fruits, vegetables, beans, and grains. I thought “Wow, I mean, I like those items, why can’t I incorporate them in my diet.”
And that is exactly what I did. Instead of a “2 point” WW candy bar, I had a apple (There are more than just red and green apples, I was excited to learn). I ate All-Bran and Fiber-One, and liked it! I would look for natural foods with fiber to enhance my eating. I felt fuller, and I felt better.
Weight Watchers has a plan kind of like it called “Core” where you eat certain foods until you are hungry. When I combined the two, there was no stopping me. I mean, I was a efficient machine.
Not only that, but my cholesterol went down, I was exercising more, I was feeling good. Looking better too.
When I lost 150 pounds, I wrote Tanya a note to thank her for her knowledge. She actually called me back, and we talked. Wow, I was so excited. I actually talked to someone who changed my life.
The reason why I am writing this is because this past weekend, my wife and I went to a health food store, and I saw a display of these new fiber bars, fiber pills, and fiber chews by a woman named Dr. Brenda Watson. I guess now she has the Fiber35Diet, which was real sad to me. I mean, I know people have to make money, but that is not the fiber I know, a chocolate fiber bar? I told my wife now I can see fiber being exploited like Atkins, Zone, Jenny Craig, etc.

Just so you know, that bottle of Fibersure is still sealed in my pantry. I thank Tanya for giving me the fiber knowledge before it got out of hand, and for helping me lose 175 pounds. I would rather have the apple.

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