OK, lets go over a couple of things. First off, today was my weigh in day. Yeah, my favorite Weight Watchers moment. All week long, I felt like I was not going to do so well. I have eaten the same for the last eight months, so it had nothing to do with diet. For some strange reason, I felt like I was going to gain weight.

I have gained weight twice in my journey. One time, I gained .2 of a pound. now the week before I lost 9.1 pounds, and the week after I lost 11.4 pounds. I think I can take that gain. I also gained a pound about a month ago, and then lost 5 pounds after.Gaining weight does not really bother me if I know in my heart I did everything right. I just cry in a pillow and watch Jerry McGuire when I gain.

Anyway, I went on the scale, and I lost 1.6 pounds bringing my total to 185.4 pounds lost. Yabba Dabba Doo. I think i will get to 200 pounds lost by my birthday, which is December 3rd. it was a good feeling this week to lose. The leader did not talk to me at all, I am thinking she read my blog. I don’t really care, because last meeting she game me a 150 pound magnet and said great job, even though I was already up to 183 pounds lost, so where was she the 33 pounds in between. She needs to keep in tune with her members!
Also, I finished reading “The South Beach Diet”. I thought it would take me a lot longer to read, but I figured out that the book is only about 80 pages, the other 200 pages are recipes. The South beach Diet consists of 3 phases. One to start, one to lose weight, and one for maintaining your weight off. OK, I am ready to try Phase 2…………
Yeah, been there, done that. Did you know that the South beach Diet is the EXACT same diet as WW Core! Sure maybe there is a few different words sprinkled here and there, but it is the same. So now, I will invite South Beach peeps to read this as well!
Well, if you are keeping a tally, my diet follows WW Flex, WW Core, South Beach, F-Factor, and The Abs Diet. My next book is “The Zone Diet”. Maybe I can have the world record for most diets at one time! Who knows.
So I am also going to do a extra blog to talk about my Flex experience today. Should be fun. See you in a bit!

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