So while losing weight, I have picked up on some of the newest weight loss terminology. For instance, WI means weigh in. Okay, that is all I really know. But I did learn about NSV. SO I know two. A NSV is a non-scale victory. Non scale victories are my favorite because they come out of nowhere, and make you feel good.
My first NSV happened at about 365 pounds when I was finally able to go 10 minutes on the treadmill. At the time, that was incredibly exciting. Since then, I have had a ton. I don’t want to bore you with some of them, but here it goes:

Re-sized my wedding ring 3 times
Was able to put on a seat belt
Was able to sit in a restaurant booth
Was able to sit in a chair with arms
Went from a 5x shirt all the way down to a L-XL
Was able to tie my shoes
Threw away over $1200 worth of over sized clothes
Was not recognized by the Senior Vice President of my company
Was able to do 5 miles under a hour
Put on clothes I wore 8 years ago
Doctor took me off my medications
Doctor did not remember if I had gastric surgery or not (I did not!)
Able to use the bathroom properly

The list goes on and on, but today was something I did not think would happen so quickly.I went to Old Navy, and I tried on a pair of pants. Mind you, seven months ago I wore a size 60 with the “4 inch” comfort elastic band. Today,I fit into a pair of 36 pants. Sure, they were tight, but they fit.
And as tight as it was, it felt good!

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