I might have said this before, but I am a restaurant manager. I have been doing it for over 10 years, and I do admit I love it. It definitely wears on you with long hours, and unpredictable days on/off, but overall it is fun.
Now, here is what I did not ever mention. The first 100 pounds I lost was when i was a manager at Chili’s. That is right, Chili’s. I will take it one step further. Not only does Chili’s have some of the most unhealthy food out there (I think it has 6 of the worst 10 foods in restaurants), but it is a terminable offense if you do not taste the food every shift.
When I started at Chili’s, I was a physical wreck. My back hurt all the time so I had to sit down a lot during the shift. I would spill things on my shirt, but never was able to see the stain. I was sloppy, and I was sweaty. I would have sit down after sit down about my performance. Then the worst thing happened…. I was labeled a “office manager”.
In restaurants, you do not want to be labeled a office manager. What that means is that you are lazy. They use the term because you basically sit in the office when you should be working. Things were not looking good.
Plus, the food is so bad for you. Yeah, yeah, I know, they have a guiltless section. Guiltless my ass! The water there has 300 calories!
And as bad as the food is, I made it worse. Did I love to eat the food, in the most disgusting creative ways. One time, I took a NY strip, I put it in the batter the chicken crispers came in, deep fried it, put it between a hoagie roll with BBQ sauce and ate it as a snack. Not as a meal, but as a snack. Uhhhhg, I can feel my heart tense as I talk about it.
But……I made a commitment for my family, and I lost weight while working there. I would exercise every day, and avoid the food. I would smell food instead of taste it. I would look at shelf life rather that eat during a quality check.
As I have talked about before the weight came off quickly. I started to run around during shifts, and I never sat around. On one of my last days, and I promise this happened, my area director sat me down and told me I needed to be in the office more. I smiled, and told him that is all I needed to hear. I thanked him, and gave him my two week notice.
So why am I typing this???? Well, over the next few blog spots, I am going to give some of my favorite tips. Nothing you have heard before, like eat a peach, or do sit ups before you go to bed, but realistic tips.
So TIP #1- Don’t make excuses. If I can work out, eat right, and lose 100 pounds while working at Chili’s, then what is your excuse.

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