Okay, I have a confession to make. It is going to be a shocker, so hold on to your pants. It’s huge, such big news. Actually, it is not that big at all. Okay, i will tell you:

I have never seen a full episode of the Biggest Loser

I haven’t. The show does not appeal to me. Now, I love reality television. American Idol, Kitchen Nightmares, one of the dancing shows. I love them all. Biggest Loser never appealed to me.
As I talked about on a earlier blog, I was close to being on the Biggest Loser, back in 2006.My wife talked me out of it, because it was not the best way to lose weight. At the time, I did not agree with her, so I watched a episode. I saw people exchanging bad food for phone calls, and adventures climbing rocks, and I saw someone eating a Subway sub…and then I turned it off.
She is right, it is not a realistic way to lose weight for the rest of your life. It is a show that exploits overweight people. They have great trainers, and famous trainers, but how successful is it in real life? Perfect point, the show has been on for what, five years. Well, I got “The Biggest Loser Success Stories” book (Just so you know, I love hearing about success stories in weight loss), and I only saw about 18 stories of weight loss, successful long term weight loss. What about the other 70-100 people who were on the show? How did they do with weight loss? So you are going to tell me the show has a 20% success rate?
As I said on earlier blogs, I am a managing partner at a restaurant, and we had a party of 20 people, and it was “special” because there was a woman guest speaking who was on “The Biggest Loser”. Trust me, I could not tell you her name even if I wanted to, I think it started with a D. When they came in, I introduced myself to everyone, and then they told me they were from a experimental diet company, and the new pill they had would gel up all the food I ate and come right out of me. The spokeswoman lost 7 pounds in her first week. So of course it works!!! Right??
Listen, weight loss is such a struggle. Everyone goes through bad times, it is a part of life. There are always situations you will go through, Thanksgiving, the leftover cake in your refrigerator, the family going out to Cheesecake Factory….so many things. I have also read a lot of blogs of others who are struggling with portion control, what they are consuming, and keeping weight off. I have gone through all of that, and I wake up every day scared it will happen to me again. So here is my tip…

Tip #3- Failure is not a option. The food will always be there. The McRib comes and goes, Taco Bell always has something cheesier and meatier, BK always has a new sauce to put between “meat” patties. You will always have Thanksgiving dinner, and Christmas dinner, and birthdays, and Valentine’s day, and kid’s birthdays, and fourth of July……

But my health is not a limited time offer!

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