What a week! I had three days off from the restaurant, which I needed because I have been working 6-7 days a week for the last 2 months. I worked out 6 days, and I incorporated the hardest boxing cardio ever for two of those 6 days. I ate my normal WW/fiber stuff. That is one aspect I will not change for the rest of my life. I have fallen in love with my fruits and vegetables, and Greek strained yogurt, and eggs, and other stuff. Wow, to think I have never had a fresh mango or raspberries until three months ago. I have had a Mango Smoothie and raspberry sorbet, but I guess that does not count for true fruits.
With a strong week, I went to my WW meeting, and there it is, lost 3.2 pounds, bringing my total up to 183.8 pounds lost. My leader told me I should take my story national. That sounds funny, because I have submitted it to WW before, and did not even get a “And you are??” response. Plus, so many people have lost a lot of weight. Why is my story so special anyway???

My wife also tells me to submit my weight loss for a couple of reasons. They are…..
1. I work in a restaurant. As a matter of fact, until I got promoted, I was a chef for the last 6 years of my life
2. I am a guy. She says there are not a lot of successful weight loss stories from guys.
3. I lost the weight without surgery or pills
4. I have completely changed my life. I love the way I eat, I eat in moderation, and I have a new confidence.

Hmmm, she might have a point, but for now I am just focused on losing the pounds. I spoke a little in my meeting today. People had questions, and I gave answers to the best of my ability. It was fun!
So there is my little WI update. Time to get ready for working out 🙂

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