My wife loves this picture. It is of us at the Ritz Carlton going to a friend’s wedding about a year ago. It was one of the most lavish, expensive weddings I have ever seen. There was a fireworks show, ice sculptures, fancy food everything you can imagine to make it a special wedding.
Now, of course, I will tell you why I do not like this picture. Do you see my suit? Ah yes, it is a Perry Ellis Tuxedo. It has been worn by many other overweight men. Now, let me explain the fiasco I call “I just need something that fits.”
About a month before the wedding, my wife told me I needed to get a suit. She gave me time because of my size, and we have tried to get clothes in the past, and it takes a while to find.I was dreading this. Shopping for a guy over 400 pounds is the most humiliating experience of all. But, I knew it needed to be done. We first went to a department store, and they measured me. The man who put the tape measure around me said I was a 62 jacket size and a size 60 pants. 62 and 60!!!! Wow, that is huge! I asked him if he had anything in black, and he looked at me in sadness. I knew the look, I did not want him to talk. It was the look I have gotten a few times in my life. It was the “We do not even come close to carrying your size” look.
We left that store, and went to another one in the mall. Yep, got the same look. I got used to that look all day long. We went from store to store in the mall, and could not find a suit that would fit me.
Then we went to a Men’s Warehouse. I told him I was a 62, and asked if he had anything that would fit me. The salesman said “I do have a 54, do you want to try that?” Sure, because I am not embarrassed enough, now please let me put on a jacket that I know will be too small. We left there in a rush.
We looked all day, and there was no suit that would fit me. Forget about selection, I just wanted something that would fit. Finally, my wife had the idea to rent a tuxedo. It made sense, I mean there were overweight people who wore tuxedos, maybe they would have one for me. We went back to the mall, and went to a tuxedo rental store. We talked to the guy, and asked him if he had anything. He thought, and then said “Well, the only thing I have is this Grey tuxedo, but it will be two weeks to get in because of your size, and it will be a $250 rental per day because of your size.
Well, “because of my size”, I did not have a option. I ordered the suit. When I got it, I felt so crappy in it. I remember being sad because I had no options. When you are overweight, that is the biggest problem. You have no choices. You have to get what will fit, not what looks good.
Needless to say, I felt so uncomfortable at the wedding. Everyone was in a black tuxedo or suit, and I was wearing a rented Grey Tuxedo with a vest. I felt like a big goober.
So this blog came up because I am going to a wedding this Saturday with my wife. I have lost so much weight, that I needed to get a suit.But this time it would be different. I measured myself, and now I am a 44.
This time around, I went to the mall and 10 minutes later, I got a suit. It is black with pinstripes. And the best part, no one wore it before me.
I will be posting my new suit pics on Facebook this weekend. If you want to see, send me a friend request (Tony Posnanski).

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