It is 4 am. I did not post last night because I was so tired. Work was stressful, so I got home, took a day off from working out, talked to the wife for a little bit, and went to sleep.
I read the book “The Zone Diet” and realized something. Two “diets” have changed my life. They are “The F-Factor” and Weight Watchers, both for two different reasons:
1. Weight Watchers- First taught me how to watch portion sizes of food. Great with meetings, weekly accountability by weighting in, great food list, and for the first time gave me a plan I could do my whole life, not a restricted 2 month plan.
2. F-Factor- Taught me about fiber, and the healthy benefits of it. Changed the way I look at food, and eat food. Get more value from food for less calories, and still enjoy flavor.
And that is the end. Although other “plans” are similar, I do not think they would have helped me in the long run. So after three days, I am not going to waste any one’s blog time. These are the two plans that helped me lose weight. When people stop me on the street and say”wow, how did you lose the weight”, I will tell them……

“Who are you again??”

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