It’s Wednesday! You know what that means. Well, probably not. So let me clear it up:

1. It is one of my days off (I have been lucky to have two as of late)
2. It’s boxing day

No, not the Canadian holiday, but the day I get to go to the boxing gym and take my class. So I grabbed my hoodie, my little Under Armor toboggan hat, and I drove 20 minutes to the gym.
The class was much bigger than last week, so I was excited. then I realized something….

I was the only guy in the class!

That’s right, I was surrounded by what my wife would term “Cougars”.

When I told my wife one day at the gym there was a older woman who was dressed like a 18 year old girl, she said “Oh, that is a Cougar.” So of course I Googled Cougar, and thank God she was not around. Porn came flying on my computer. So I guess a Cougar is kind of what people used to refer as MILF’s, but maybe there is a difference, who knows? After my wife said the Cougar remark, she asked me if the women were wearing leotards and thongs. I told her it was not 1987.

Anyway, so there I was working out with a bunch of Cougars. Bebe clothing and PINK written on bottoms everywhere. The instructor saw that most people were in good shape in the class, so he decided to make it EXTREMELY intense. I was in the back, and I know my limitations. I kept up really well, but I know when to take a little break. Then at the end, a woman came up to me and said “Wow, for a big boy, you kept up well.”
And you know, she is right. I mean, I do not have “I lost 185” on my shirt, or tattooed to my arm. I am 234.8 (Can’t say I am 235 today). And I did keep up well. Of course I said thank you, and proceeded to leave.
I guess the moral of the story here is no matter what level you are in fitness, do the best you can. As long as you are sweating, you are doing good. Oh, and try to stay away from a class of Cougars!

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