Today was one of the first “days off” I have had in a while. I take a lot of pride at work, and running a restaurant can be very tough. I have been in and out of my store for the last two months, but today, I wanted to stay away from the store. Now, when I was over 400 pounds, I would basically sleep on my days off. I hated going shopping because it was hard to bring in groceries, and to walk in and through stores due to exhaustion. So I would either sleep, play video games, or watch TV on my days off.
Now, I am a little different. I like to be active, but today i was a little crazy active. First off, I joined a boxing gym earlier this week called LA Boxing. I always wanted to box, and it looks fun. So this morning I had a 15 minute free training. Well, I breezed through that. He kept on asking me if I was okay, and I said I was. He told me that there was a boxing class later that night, and asked if I could go. Well, the 15 minutes was easy, so why not.
So around 6:30, I went to a boxing class. It seemed like a fun little class, there were a couple of guys, and a lot of girls with pink boxing gloves. I asked the guy next to me how the class was, and he told me “Good Luck”.
Good luck was right, I got my butt smacked for the next hour!I hit the bag, did jumping jacks, squats, everything known to man. I sweat so much it wasn’t funny. But I kept up. At 239, i was still the biggest person there, but I did not quit once. When it was over, the teacher came to me and said “Good job big man!”
That was real nice, but I wanted to do more. I had such a great workout, I did not want it to end. So I drove to my other gym, Lifestyle Family Fitness, and started to work out. First I did 50 minutes on the elliptical machine. I learned today that the elliptical machine is so easy compared to an aerobics class (look Mom, I put an before a vowel). After that, I did my circuit training.
I usually work out very intensely and hard, but today took the cake. You know something, i had so much fun. I am so glad I can enjoy days off like this now, working out and eating good.
I am also happy that I got to wear my hoodie today. I love hoodie sweatshirts. On guys, girls, anyone!
I learned that one thing I have is dedication. I just need to make sure that it will be there for the years to come!

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