Since I have been blogging, I have gotten a sprinkle of emails here and there, both positive and negative about my weight loss. Just so you know, I love emails. They are personal, not intrusive, and it is such a pleasure to be able to talk to someone through written words.
Anyway, I have been talking to someone who has done very well with his “program”, and when i complemented him on it, he wrote back a email which was nice, but was doubting how dedicated I was to eating right, etc. He is not alone, I do get emails like that often. At first it frustrated me, but I have com to realize that 183 pounds in 8 months is a lot, and maybe it does need to be explained. I can remember when I was over 400 pounds, i would go to my wife and tell her “You know, when I lose weight, I lose it fast.” I do not think either one of us expected this kind of success. Well, maybe she didn’t, but I did.
This guy is very nice, but he also made another comment in his email to me that made me think. He said that the name “The Anti-Jared” is negative. I never thought of it that way, but I guess he could have a point. The reason for the name was because I work in a restaurant (Chef/Partner) and I never understood someone losing so much weight by eating a sub every day. The truth is, I have a lot of respect for Jared, and anyone else who loses weight. As this person said,weight programs are like religion. Everyone thinks theirs is the best. WW, Jenny Craig, South Beach, Nutri-Systems, Slimfast. The truth is, they all work if you stick with it. Maintaining will take a little more, but no one should judge other people how they lose weight, they should just lose weight. Actually, today I heard about a woman who lost 210 pounds through Jesus. Wow, what a personal trainer!
Either way, I sent my new friend a response to his email, so I am going to post that here. Enjoy


I appreciate your honesty, and I respect your opinion as well.

Here is the reason why I am theantijared. I have been in restaurants my whole life. Right now I am a managing partner in Orlando, and before that I was a chef partner for the same restaurant for 6 years. I have struggled with weight loss my whole life. I have tried everything! Atkins, South Beach. Etc. Then I just gave up, and ate horribly. Working in a restaurant, and 80% of my job was tasting recipes I have developed did not help my weight loss as well. I call myself the Anti Jared because, in my opinion, it is hard to get a healthy meal at a chain establishment. I loved eating out, but, I always thought who are people fooling?? If you eat out, that is fine, but do not tell me that Subway is the way you are going to lose 200 pounds.

It is also true that I have lost 183.8 pounds in 8 months. One thing that does frustrate me is when people tell me I am not doing WW. First off, I did flex for the first two months, and I always stayed at my 44 point range. I read those weekly books like they were the bible. When you are over 400 pounds, and you are going from 8000 calories a day to 2000 a day, you will lose more than 1-2 pounds a week.

When I was in my second month in Flex, I experimented with Core, and fell in love with it. Like I blog about, Core gave me options that I never used. I ate fruits and vegetables, soups and lean meats. I am sure you can agree with me that this is different than the things we used to eat!

When I was on the WW website and on Core, I heard about a book called “The F-Factor Diet” and fell in love with it and the author, Tanya Zuckerbrot. That helped me tremendously on my journey.

The truth is, my results are not typical. I have just as many supporters as I do cynics. I also realized that if I wanted water in my life, I was going to have to cut out all “diet” drinks. I have only had FF milk and water to drink the last 8 months.

Here is a story about me that I did not blog about. When I was 12 years old, I wanted a Gameboy (I am 32 now). My parents told me I needed to earn $90 to get it, and they gave me a list of chores to earn money. The list was supposed to take 2 weeks.

16 hours later, at 5am, I woke my parents up and asked them to check my chores, because I was getting the Gameboy that day.

This plan took me 32 years to find. I am not going to let go! Good luck in your journey. And I appreciate the comment “results not typical” because that is exactly what I am.

Tony Posnanski

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