First and foremost, let me thank everyone on my right who has subscribed to this blog. In my wildest dreams, I never thought 21 people would be interested to see what I am writing. Either way, that is awesome, and I am grateful! I will try to keep on writing interesting blogs, and if they get boring or silly, just let me know. I have to please my 21 people!
Now, I have been reading blogs, and I have seen that people who lose weight do something special to distinguish themselves. There is one person who ran a half-marathon. Actually, it seems like a lot of diet bloggers do half-marathons. There is one blogger who climbed a mountain, one who walked across this fine US of A, and there is one who preaches about eating better. So I thought, maybe I need to do something to distinguish myself. I mean, I did lose 183 pounds…….

Now, right when that thought was in my mind, I got two emails sent to me. The first one was a woman who said that I was not a true Core member of WW, and she had proof. I talked about eating a Hungry Girl recipe entitled “Lord of the Onion Rings” which consists of solely onions, eggs, and Fiber One. She insisted that I did not know the Core rules because Fiber One must be taken with FF milk or Yogurt to be considered Core.
Guess what, she was right. And although I work out, I did not have my activity points to back up the points for the Fiber One. Are you confused, because I am as well!
The next email that came in said that my diet was The South Beach Diet, and not WW. I never did the South Beach Diet, so I did not know. I always thought my diet was WW with “F Factor” mixed into it.

So after these two emails come in, I did not know what to think.I mean, I was not a member of Core in the members eyes, and I was not sure if I was doing WW. Plus, I always thought my “diet” on WW was identical to “The F Factor diet”. I sitll think to this day I am on the F-Factor Diet, but maybe not?

Except now I realized what my “thing” would be. Since no one knows how I lost the weight, I have decided to read about all the diets out there, and figure out which one I am doing. I still have 56 pounds to lose, why not! The reasoning behind this is I want to prove that all diets are basically the same, which they are except for a couple of tweaks, and all diets work if followed properly. I eat healthy, and I will not change that. Truthfully, what is the difference between South Beach, Zone, Sugar Busters, and WW Core, or how I am eating?
So here are my rules starting on Monday:
1. I will do WW FLEX for the next week, starting on Monday, because as long as I count points, I am on WW. When I do FLEX, I am really doing FLEX. I will purchase the WW Scale, and weigh all of my food (including my jumbo apples), I will track every activity point, and I will use a pedometer each day to track my steps. I will journal my food for all to see, and I will add up my points. Oohhhhh, fun!
2. After the first week, I will spend time on each diet, starting with the South Beach Diet. I will follow those diets, including going into the forums for each one. The “diets” I select have to be of health value, and can not eliminate a major element of food “Carbs, Fat, or Protein”.I have a feeling my diet will not change at all.
3. While I am on each diet, I will still journal my food, along with giving a “points” value to compare with WW. You will get to see my results, all 21 of you!
4. I will weigh myself every week at WW to see which one gets the best results.

Well, you might not be, but I am curious about it. I always say that all diets work. I guess it is time to put my points where my mouth is! Core no more!

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