I have been to quite a few Weight Watchers meetings, and some have been good, and some have posed the question “When am I going to get the 45 minutes I wasted here?”. I remember one meeting where it was about accessorizing, and how to look slimmer with clothing. Of course, I was the only guy there, so they were talking about skirts, and heels, and blouses to hide problem areas.
While bored out of my mind during this meeting, and not wanting to get up and make a scene, I started to think of by favorite clothing store when I was very overweight, the Casual Male XL. Ahhh yes, this store helped me a touch during my 400 pound days.
When you gain and gain, the clothes you have and wear all the time will still fit you, but when you go to buy newer ones, it is a different story. Well, it was not too long after my 400 pound days that my pants started to rip. And when I mean rip, I mean unfix able rips. I needed new pants, but where? So I went to Wal-Mart, couldn’t find a pair because their big and tall pants goes up to only a 50 waist. So I went to Dillard’s, still did not fit because their big and tall pants go up to a 54.
I was in a panic! Would I have to wear a barrel to work. Actually, would I have to saw two barrels together to get them around me. I was scared, so I Googled big pants. And there is where I came up with the Casual Male XL. They are in most major cities, and as I have been talking about, they deal with the larger man.
So I went into the store, and it is not the biggest store in the world, but they have a lot of things for big guys. They have pants, shirts, suits, underwear, belts, and even shoes. All name brands! Not the best selection in the world, but 300 times better than anywhere else. Plus, they had my pants, the George Foreman hidden elastic slacks. I bought 3 pairs, all size 60. Wow, they carried a size 60, not really a hot item (Just in case you are curious, I was a size 60 waist, meaning I was five feet around.)
I also bought a belt, some underwear, a couple of shirts as well. For maybe 10 pieces of clothing, I paid $635 dollars. Wow, that was a lot of money for clothes. But it was not a want, it was more of a need.
I write this because yesterday, I was able to put on a large shirt (The one I took a recent picture in). It has been so long, that I thought the smallest size for guys was a XL. Nope, they had a large. And you know what, maybe soon I will be in a medium or smaller. I no longer am able to go the the Casual Male XL to buy clothing. Now, I can go anywhere.

Side note– Casual Male also has a catalog where you can buy a back scratcher, a scale that goes to 1000 lbs., a suitcase handle extender, a seat belt extender, and a little extended hand that helps you pick up things. Whenever I looked at this, I realized that these are things I needed when I was over 400 lbs.

So here is my tip, and please read the whole tip, because it is not negative at all:

Tip #4- Clothes do not make the person- Sure, we all have a great outfit, and things that make us look better everyday. But the true great feeling is when we have passed on the dessert for the first time in a long time, or drank enough water, or walked a mile when we never walked before. I could wear a belt that makes me look slimmer for now, but I want to look slimmer by having a healthy lifestyle.

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