One thing that I have done over the last two months is really start reading other weight loss successes and struggles through blogs. It really motivates me, because I relate in ways with other bloggers.
So I have compiled a list of some blogs I read a lot. If your blog is not there, please let me know and I will add it. My goal is to have over 50 blogs on the little “True Warrior” list. There are no requirements to be on the blog roll, just a blog and a passion for eating well. Everyone has a great story to tell, it is time to start getting them out there.
One of my favorite blogs is this one. She lost over 150 pounds and has maintained to keep it off for a while. Wow!!!! She did it through WW, and you can tell she is a great person by the way she writes!
This guy was always there to support me when I first started. I would blog maybe once a month, and he would always be there to give me words of encouragement. From reading his blog lately, he has struggled a bit lately, but I know he will get to where he wants to be. He also likes to bet people with weight losses. I am always available for challenges!!
And there are so many other blogs. This was the first one I ever read and this one just started up, and is really detailed about her eating and workout habits.
I have forgotten so many great people, but please, if your blog is not up here, and you want it to be, let me know. I think we should all support one another!
By the way, out of all the blogs, this one is the one I love the most, because it is the whole reason why I started to have a passion for writing. It is my brother’s blog.

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