So my wonderful wife made a comment to me yesterday that made me think. I saw some tortilla chips in the house from a restaurant that I questioned. My wife said they came with her salad, and I might have rolled my eyes, I am not sure. Then the next comment out of her mouth made me think. ” You know, why haven’t you spoken about Alli on your blog, you took it before, right? I mean, no surgery, NO PILLS???”
Ahhhhhh, how I have forgotten my wonderful time with Alli for a month. This is true, I was a pill pusher,or pill popper. When I went to see my doctor at 420 pounds, I asked him if there was any pills I could take to help me lose weight. I always asked this question. I was hoping one day he would have closed the door after I asked this, and made a comment like “Okay, I have something, you will lose all your weight in about a month, but do not tell anyone, okay?” But…. that never happened. Here is what I heard, “A healthy diet will help you. With your heart the way it is, you can not afford to take a pill that will speed up your heart rate.”
But the time I went to see him at 420, he gave me a different answer. I asked him about pills, and he said “You could try Alli, don’t really know if it works.”
So I didn’t hear the last part, I was excited that their might be a pill that would help me. I made the commitment to lose weight, and I went out to buy a started pack of Alli.
$60 later and a cool pill holder, I was on my way. I started to read about it, and it gave suggestions, like only have, I think, 8 grams of fat a meal, and lower your calories. Alli will do the rest. Also, wear dark pants, because you migh leave skidmarks.
What? What kind of warning is that. I am 420 pounds, sweaty, bald, and now I might have a stain in my size 60 George Foreman pants. Yikes!!! But, if it works……but stains…but weight loss! So I used it the first week, watching everything I ate. Never had any side effects. The second week I joined Weight Watchers, using Alli. Still nothing, no side effects, following the prgram to a T. Still no side effects.
After about a month, I lost weight, but I was eating real good. I never felt a side effect, nor did I really feel anything from the pill. $60 dollars is a lot, so I decided not to buy the pills anymore.
Funny thing is when I stopped using the pill, I lost the exact amount of weight every week, no difference. Actually, when I started to eat more fiber, I lost more.That is when I learned the truth about pills. They don’t work, period. Healthy eating, exercise, water, and a good amount of sleep are what will help you lose weight.
So here is my opinion on Alli. I do not know if it works, but it might be worth it, because it will scare you enough to eat healthy because you do not want to stain your pants. The better option is someone holding a baseball bat around you and saying “If you eat more than 8 grams of fat a meal, I will hit you with this!!”

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