Well, now it looks like 200 pounds lost is really close. I have lost 167 pounds so far this year. I am really happy about that, but I am even happier about the way I have done it. I have not had a diet soda, or any caffeine. I work out at least five days a week. I eat well, and I never feel like I want to stray off course. I think that technology really helps with this, because telling people my story will help me stay on the right path.
About two years ago, “The Biggest Loser” has a audition in Orlando. I was ready to try out for the show. Being over 400 pounds at the time, I was pretty convinced that I would be chosen for the show. I mean I am outgoing, I was a chef at the time, which makes it pretty interesting, and I really felt like I could do well in it.
I took the day off, and was ready to go, when my wife told me it was not a good idea. I was not sure why, I mean, how could it hurt. I did not argue with her, and did not try out for the show.
Looking back at it now, it was a great decision. I bought a book, and say that only about 18 of the 100 people kept their weight off. Not only that, I felt that by educating myself through programs like Weight Watchers, and books like the F-Factor diet, I will truly be the biggest loser. Not by doing a surgery, not by trying the latest greatest pill, but by waking up every day and realizing it is not a struggle anymore. Life is fun!
Plus, I am confident that I will have a little blurb or story posted somewhere when I lose 200 pounds. I can’t wait until then.

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