Over the last few years, more and more people are eating out. It is a part of everyday life for so many people. No more home cooked meals, or going to grandma’s for dinner. Restaurants like Chipolte, Chili’s, Applebees, McDonalds, and nine million others are out there to take our money for a quick meal.
It is easier than you think to eat “well” when you go out to eat. Most restaurants have a “healthy” section (Also watch out for what some restaurants call healthy), although people always choose foods that sound good, but might not be the healthiest option.
Now, when I go out to eat, I order a little different. I try to get a variation for the dishes that are offered. Here are a few tips on eating out, some you have heard, and some might be new:

1. Be the annoying order person- Okay, you have the menu, but you want a healthier option. Let the server or order taker know this. Here is a example:
” Hmmmmm, I want the chicken sandwich, but no mayo, and extra onions, lettuce, and a pickle. I saw that you have a whole wheat bun for another sandwich, can I get that. Also, I am really not wanting fries, can I get the vegetables instead. Those are steamed, right? Great, make sure they are steamed, and I do not want any butter.”

That is it. How easy is that. Well…..it is easy but can be annoying, and a little embarrassing. The truth is, sometimes it is good to be the annoying person when ordering food. Not only will you be able to get the entree you want, but you heart will thank you. Also, make sure you ask for certain things when eating better, such as
Grilled not fried
Sauces on side
Whole wheat pasta/bread
No sauteed items in oil/butter

2. Selecting beverage
Okay, every restaurant serves bottled water, or diet drinks( Most people watching thier weight drink one or the other). The truth is, water in almost every restaurant is filtered, so it is pointless to get a bottled water. Also, most restaurants have diet selections with a lot of caffeine, such as Diet Coke. My suggestion is just go with the water.

3. Bread on the table
Skip it, save your calories for the entree. If you do eat the bread, try to eat the whole wheat version with no butter or oil.

4. Salads
Try to get the dressing on the side. Also, limit your toppings. An example might be if you get a taco salad, get the cheese on the side, and do without the tortila chips. When you get dressing/cheese/etc. on the side, you are less likely to use as much. Also, try to stick with vinegar on your salad.

Those are just a couple of things, but the truth is, when you go out to eat, you are the consumer and you should pay for what you want to get. Make sure you ask for the food that is right for you!

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