Growing up, I never was so fond of my last name. It was long, it was pronounced differently than it was spelled, and I have never met anyone besides for family members with the last name Posnanski. But now, I am older, and understand that Posnanski is not just a last name, but a breed of people. The members in my family are incredibly determined people, very humble, and never talk about getting results, they just show results. I call this “Posnanski Determination”. Here are some examples:
Let’s start out with my Dad. He would be the magazine’s version of a man. He is good with cars, and fixing things, he is a good provider and has a incredible work ethic. He loves sports, boxing is his favorite. But the one thing I was always so impressed about was the way he loved and played chess. Whenever you see someone in the “chess club”, he is that nerdy guy, the one that will grow up and become a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, looking out of his office window saying “I told them I would succeed.” Well, my dad was a little different. He studied moves, and read books on chess. He practiced all the time. Now remember, this was before the Internet was popular, so he would go to chess clubs in town and play all week long. He was ranked a master for quite some time, and he was nationally ranked as well (I read a chess club magazine in the bathroom when I was a kid and saw his name misspelled in there.) He was so good, he did not need pieces to play the game, just a board. Yet, no matter how good he was, no matter how much he practiced, he never bragged, he never told people how good he was. He would let his game speak for himself. People would ask him how long he played, and how long he practiced, and all he did was say “Not sure”. I really admired that, because it taught me that you can be real good at something, work hard, and let everyone else see the results. He wanted to be the best, but for himself, not for others.
My mom is also a very determined person as well. I remember when my mom went to college, she would study all the time. I was seven at the time, and I remember my mom being up until 4am reading some computer books. She would take notes in spiral notebooks, and there were a ton of spiral notebooks. She always got straight A’s. She would not settle for anything less. She has had the same job for over 20 years. She has the same passion for her job now as she did in the 80’s. She showed me as well that hard work does pay off.
My brother Joe is the most famous Posnanski. He is a sports writer/columnist for who is real, real good. I am not just saying that, I wish I had 10% the talent he has. He has been writing for well over 20 years, and he puts so much effort into his writing, it is not funny. Growing up, I admired my brother, because of the passion and hours he put into his writing. When I would see him on holidays, or visits, he was always working. He was always brainstorming. He is the one who really showed me the love for sports. Okay, I cant tell you why Dickie Thon was a better shortstop in 1983 than Ozzie Smith or Cal Ripken, but I do love sports.
To this day, the one thing I took from my brother is his humility. He is incredibly humble, a little to much. He could sign a check, and win 4 Missouri Press Association awards. But he will never tell you that. He will never talk about his career, or who he met, or who he knows. He asks about you, what is going on in your life. The Joe I know now is the same Joe I knew when I was 8 years old.
So this week, I went to weigh in at Weight Watchers, and I lost 3.8 pounds. As always the “leader” looked at me and said “Hmmmm, you know 1 to 2 pounds is what you should be losing every week”.

What she does not know is that I wake up every morning
at 5am to work out. I don’t question the food I eat, I love it. I eat lean meats, fruit, vegetables, and fiber. I am incredibly disciplined, more so than anyone else I have met. I have lost 175 pounds in 7 months. That is more than anyone on “the Biggest Loser”. No, better yet, that is more than anyone with Gastric Bypass surgery. I only drink water, and don’t even touch sodas, nor Crystal light. I watch everything I put in my system, and never doubt myself. Hell, my doctor didn’t even know if I had the surgery or not because of the weight I lost. People tell me all the time, you will gain the weight back. And I love it, I love being doubted! Because mark this blog, I will never, ever gain the weight back…..

But because of my family, I smiled and said “You are right, thank you very much” and walked out.

What I wanted to say was “I did lose 2 pounds. The other 1.8 this week was because of “Posnanski Determination”.

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