I admit it, I love going to the gym. I am not going to beat around the bush, nor am I going to sugarcoat it, I REALLY love going to the gym. When I wake up, and it is gym day, I get ready, walk the dog, and then hit my local gym (Lifestyles). Now remember, this happens all at 5:15 in the morning six days a week. Now if you are or were ever overweight, chances are that you have spent over $12 billion dollars in gym monthly fees. Well, I am not any different. I pay $60 per month, and I can finally say it is worth it.
It was not always like that. During my 400 pound days, I remember telling my wife that I was going to the gym, that I would be working out. This never happened. The only thing I ever did was pay my membership on time, yet I never walked in the gym. At the time, I did not want to go. I mean, I could not tie my shoes, I had one pair of shorts (Which I use as a blanket now), and my back always hurt. What was the point?
When I started on my wight loss journey, I knew that I had to start going to the gym. I joined a $10 per month gym, and in my 3rd week of eating well (Core WW, and already read the F-Factor book) I was ready to go. I still could not tie my shoes, but I did have another pair of 5x shorts. I went in, and went on the treadmill.
After about 2 minutes, I was out of breath, my back hurt, and I was sweating. I had the treadmill at 2 miles per hour. I could not even do a 30 minute mile. Yikes! I left the gym, and hard to admit, I started to cry. I realized this was going to be much harder than I thought.
So I went home, and wrote out a plan. The next day I went for 4 minutes, and every day I pushed myself more and more. Then I upped the speed. Then I started to lift weights.
When I outgrew the gym I was at, I joined a more spiffy gym. TV’s on all cardio, two different circuit training options. I saw girls with matching outfits, and guys on their Blackberries texting while lifting. Wow, it was just like LA, except it was Florida. or maybe it was like Florida, who knows.
Today, I work out 6 days a week. I either run 5 miles, or I do the elliptical machine for 70 minutes each time. I circuit train 4 days a a week, and will start back on hard weight training in a month. I go in the gym mismatched every time, I lip sync almost every song on my Ipod, and I sweat profusely.
But now, for the first time in a long time, I can tie my own shoes.

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