So now I am under the 250 mark, I think it is the first time in about 7 years. I went to the doctor today to make sure I was in good health. Sometimes, I get a little nervous that the weight came off too quick, so I try to go every two months to make sure all my blood work is in order, and my heart rate is good as well.
Today was weird, because my doctor got confused. He had to ask me if I got gastric bypass. Huh???? He knew i did not, I mean, he is my doctor. Then he told me that he has never seen or heard of anyone losing so much weight. At first he though I only lost 106 pounds. Then I had to explain to him that on the chart he had me at 350+ because I was too heavy to go on the scale. So then he realized I lost 171 pounds in 7 months. No Surgery, no pills, no food dropped off at my door. Just waking up every morning wanting to be a better person.
He said i should write a book, but as I have said before I am not a writer. I like to write this stuff for myself, and if other people read it, that is cool. But he did ask me a question about the best thing with losing the weight. Hmmmmmm……
1. Clothes. When you are over 400 pounds (Or 300 for that matter) clothes get difficult. For one, there is only one store that carries “large” clothes for men. That is the Casual Male XL. They have all the name brands at ridiculous prices. But what option do you have. I could buy two pairs of pants and a shirt for $250 dollars. Suits, forget about it. And forget about variety. I love the fact that i can go to Target, or Kohl’s, or any store and buy a nice shirt for 10 dollars, or get underwear cheap. I like the fact that I have close to 15 dress shirts, and 7 pairs of pants. Clothes bring confidence back.
2. Back pain- Let me tell you, I could not stand for more than 30 min when I was overweight. When my wife and I went to Disney two years ago, I did the trip no justice by having to sit and rest all of the time. I would go see the chiropractor 3 times a week, and I would feel horrible. Since losing the weight, my back feels so much better. I have not felt this good in….well, ever.
3. Seat Belt- Overweight people can not put on seatbelts. it is not a insult, it is a hazard. I am so happy I can put one on now.
4. Shoes with laces- never was able to tie them before
Oh my, there are a million more. I guess the best thing is that I am proud of myself, and very confident in life (Not cocky, but confident). I feel like I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it, which was not how I felt seven motnhs ago.

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