So I remember the day vividly. I made an appointment to go to the doctor. I told my wife that it was because I wanted a check-up. The true reason I went is because I was scared. I did not sleep the last three nights, because when I would dose off, I would wake up and feel total numbness in both my arms. How scary is that? I started to really believe that if I kept living the life I was living, I was not going to be living for very long.
I put on my 5x shorts and shirt, and shoes that I never tie up, and went to the doctor. Once I walked in, I stood and waited because I could not get in the chairs they had over there. It was so long since I sat in a chair with arms, I started wondering if anyone was able to fit in one. Once the nurse called me, she pointed to the scale, and I gave her the ” Are you fucking kidding me” look and went into the doctors office. She tested my blood pressure, and it was 190/140. “Okay, the doctor will be right with you” was the last thing the nurse said after she left.
The doctor came in after what seemed like a month. He looked at my chart, looked at me, and said the words I will remember for the rest of my life. He said” Hmmmm, well you don’t take your medications, you are not eating well, you are obese, and I could hear your out of breath down the hall. My suggestion is get gastric bypass surgery, or you are going to die.”
GASTRIC BYPASS! Did I resort to this. Could I not contain my hunger. Do I really need to have a surgery to monitor what I eat.
I came home and told my wife I was going to start eating good the next day. Just so you know, I have told my wife this close to 5,324 times before, so I can’t fault her for not taking me seriously. I couldn’t get a surgery like that, I had to have some willpower.I knew it was deep down inside me, I just had to pull it out.
As I have blogged before, I have been with WW ever since, and have lost 140 pounds. I have made a commitment, surgery free, to eat well for the rest of my life. I have a wife, a puppy, a good job, and a great family. I think that is more important than the newest cheesy thing at Taco Bell.
I was at work the other day, and a guest was telling me how he lost 150 pounds with a surgery, the “$21,000” one. He said he eats small pieces of food, and he cant eat certain things, and he looked sickly. He looked at me and asked if I was interested. I smiled, and told him thank you, but I have found a nice program. He smiled and said “You know you will gain the weight back, it is just a matter of time…”
I smiled once again and said “You know, you could be right. I could gain the weight back. I think about it all the time. But for the first time, there are so many important things than food, or chocolate, or anything like that. But I like people telling me I will gain the weight back, because it gives me the motivation to never ever overeat again.” I then ate a apple and walked away.

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