It is always nice when you are able to walk and not get tired, or have people eat in front of you , and not get tempted. It has been about 5 months for me now, and I can honestly say that Weight Watchers will remain in my life for a long time to come. I have not had a soda (Diet or regular) in that amount of time, and I am truly happy with the different healthy foods I am able to eat. I can eat a mango now, not a mango flavored smoothie, and a nice big apple, and not a candied apple. I spent a long time of my life eating foods that were processed, and flavored. It is a nice change to eat different kinds of foods.
Plus, the results are great. I can shop at a normal store for clothes, I can get in a sports car, and believe it or not, people at work respect someone who cares about his/her health. I recently got a promotion (One that I have been waiting for for over five years), and I believe I owe it to dedication and Weight Watchers. Sure, the meetings get weird at times, but it helps me really see how other people cope with weight. It really feels like a “fill in the blank” anonymous group because…..ehh, what do I know, I never went to one. Anyway, in a nutshell, I write on here so that I can tell people what I am doing with my weight, and hopefully, I will never have to go through being over 400 pounds again.

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