Well, I just went to Weight Watchers and I lost 102 pounds there so far (20 before). I am on the core plan, which is cool because I eat until I am not hungry, and I am eating new foods to me because I always ate fast food and junk food. I feel so much better. I entered a WW contest, and here is my entry, enjoy!

Weight has always been an issue for me. I have always been around 250-275 pounds since I was 12 years old. I would lose a little once in a while (always in an unhealthy way), but I maintained a “chubby” appearance for a majority of my life.

Poor eating habits would get to me, and fast food was a way of life. I would go eat at five different restaurants a day, not even realizing what I have eaten. This would happen for quite some time.

Then, it hit me. At 32, I was 5 foot 6, and I was over 400 pounds. Very few people get to this level, and it is horrible. I could not wear a seatbelt in my car, or get on an airplane. I would keep our house at 67 degrees because I would sweat all the time and I had a hard time going to the bathroom. My doctor put me on four medications for my heart and cholesterol (210 over 140 at one time, and 300 cholesterol rate), and he told me if I did not get gastric surgery, I would die.

Not only that, but it was killing my wife, who loves me dearly. Every time I would be home late, she would think I died of a heart attack, and it would scare her. Finally, it scared me too.

So I made the decision to join Weight Watchers. I dieted one week before I went to WW because I wanted to be able to go on the scale. When I went in to the meeting, I met my leader Beth, and a wonderful receptionist Barbara. Barbara told me I missed the meeting, and told me to come back another time. I looked at her, laughed, and said “Will that scale hold me, and I will read the books.” She knew I was uncomfortable, and said “Okay, I can start you out. Why don’t you come in every week and we will go over your results.”

It has been 14 weeks, and as a proud core program member, I have lost 94.8 pounds with WW, and 20 pounds before. My doctor took me off my medications, I can shop for clothes at a normal store, I run 5 miles a day, I can put on a seatbelt, and best of all, my wife has the confidence that I will be alive for a long time.

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