I have never been much of a writer. My brother is a great writer.I have been one who would rather speak than write. But I want to keep track of my journey into weight loss, so here it goes. My name is Tony Lawrence, and I have dealt with weight my whole life. I can remember being 200 pounds at 12 years of age, and 300 pounds at 22 years of age. Each one of those times I lost weight, but always the wrong way…
The first time I lost weight was when I was 14 years old, February 5, 1990 to be exact. I was 212 pounds, and huge. I remember having size 38 pants, and having someone cut the length down for me. I remember sweating for no reason. I said this was enough! So I lost weight. I counted calories. I remember eating 1000 calories a day. I would have half a Snickers bar, a Lean Cuisine, and a cupcake one day. I ate smaller versions of crappy food, but I lost weight. In 12 weeks I lost 50 pounds. Yeah!!! Of course, it lasted for, hmmm, two months.
The second time I lost weight is right before I met my wife. I was big into working out, but did not eat very well. I call that the “Stacker 2” phase. “Stacker 2” is a diet supplement which was so bad for the heart, it is not even funny. I am not talking about what you can buy at GNC today, this was a ephedrine filled magic pill. I ate like crap, worked out, and lost 80 pounds, right down to 220. That lasted for 5 months.
So there I was, on February 23, 2008. I was 424 Pounds, and depressed. I wore size 60 pants. I would sleep on my days off, and hated to go out. I owned three shirts, all were 5x and specially purchased. I could no wear my seat belt in my car, and I hate to say this, could not wipe myself when going to the bathroom. I was sad, miserable.The only enjoyment I would get was eating out. I would go and spend $30 a day in fast food, no exaggeration! I hid it from everyone, I loved to eat. I have always loved to eat. But I was on a suicide mission. My wife saw it, my family saw it, I saw it. And then it happened…….
I was watching TV and saw a Subway commercial. I saw Jared talking about how he lost over 200 pounds by eating Subway!! How everyone was so proud of him. And I realized something, not only is he a liar, but so is the whole “fast and casual dining” industry! You can not lose weight by eating a 12 oz. steak, or a whopper, or a sweet onion turkey sandwich!
So why am I writing this? Well, I am finally going to lose weight the right way! I did not want to start writing until I have lost a few pounds, and am ready to talk about it. Here are my rules…
1. I will not eat out, Period! I will only cook food, or microwave food.
2. I will only drink water, no “Crystal Lights”, or diet drinks.
3. I will join Weight Watchers. Not only is the program awesome, but it is very simple. Sure, I am the only guy there, but the people there are very nice.
4. I will not take any supplements that will effect my heart.
5. I will work out 6 days a week.
I have been at it for six weeks, and have lost 60 pounds! I am going to keep up, write down my progress, and what works for me. My goal is to be 190 pounds, and I will do it, but it will take time. This time, when I do it, it will be for life.

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