Dear Kevin Sheeran (CEO Of Norwegian Cruise Line), I read about the Colucci family. They said that your company was unable to help out when they needed you to. They purchased a dream cruise aboard one of your cruise ships. They paid $4000 and were scheduled to ship out on June 1st. Then Nicolas Colucci, their five-year-old son was diagnosed with cancer on May 19th of this year. He had surgery a few days later and is still undergoing chemotherapy. The Colucci family had to cancel their dream vacation. Because it was within 14 days of the sail date, your company could not refund the money. You all said there was nothing you could do. In fact, you suggested that the family should have purchased insurance. I cannot imagine many families come up with a “cancer” excuse. I do not think that is something your customer service department hears often. […]

The other day I was in bed and my wife was watching Friends. I started to watch it as well. Friends is one of those shows that I have seen every episode and can watch them over and over again. I actually liked the show more and more as it went on. I never thought that Rachel and Ross should have been together. It never seemed like a match although it kept going on and on. I actually thought that Joey was perfect for Rachel. I was always upset that they did not amount to much more. I did believe that Monica and Chandler was a perfect couple. That I understood. That romance made sense to me. So out of nowhere I looked at my wife and asked her a question. The other day I was in bed and my wife was watching Friends. I started to watch it as […]

Fat… Being “fat” does not mean you are lazy. When I was 420 pounds I worked 14 hours a day six days a week…sometimes seven. I did things around the house and I still did shopping for food as well. Being “fat” does not mean you are ugly. If it did, then this world would be overrun by people who were ugly. Most people feel “fat” at one time or another. Being “fat” does not mean you are stupid. When I was 420 pounds I made a lot of money as a chef and I helped many other stores save money with cost cutting tactics for food. Being “fat” does not mean you do not know how to lose weight. Most people have been successful at dieting. I have so many times. I failed as well. Being “fat” does not mean you have to be that way forever. Some people […]

There is nothing truly spectacular about the restaurant I work at. I love it there, but it is similar to many other chain restaurants out there. There are a couple of them in every city around the country. We are usually the third choice when families are deciding where to go. Most people come to the restaurant I work at because they have a coupon or they like the prices of the entrees. Yet I know that as a manager my job is to not only provide good food but to also provide a memorable experience to people. Today started out slow. We had a few guests in the building and it did not seem like we would get busy. A few people wanted to go home so I let them since we did not need them. Every time that happens the restaurant gets busy. We got very busy. I […]

Dear Paul Mitchell, Fruit H20 and Ford, My name is Tony Posnanski and I am a runner. I see that you all love running as well. It is evident because you sponsor a company called Dirty Girl. They have created the Dirty Girl 5K Mud Run all over the country. In fact, it looks like an awesome event. It is for women only, they want any women to run, they have donated a ton of money to support breast cancer awareness and women come from all over the United States to run in one of these events. They even encourage cancer survivors to run in these events free of charge! Now as you know, Dirty Girl is not a non-profit company. It is a for-profit which is clearly stated on their website. In fact, they only donate 2.5% of their profits to charity. So you can imagine the profits this […]

To the sweetest little girl I know, I cannot believe that you are almost a year old. You are crawling up a storm! You can almost stand up by yourself. You love playing with your brother and you already know a few words. One of those words being Daddy. Pretty soon you will be walking. Then you will be talking more. Then you will show more of your personality. You will start showing more of your passions for life and what you want to be when you grow up. When I was young I wanted to be an actor. I remember telling your grandparents that I wanted to be an actor. They got me into acting classes. That helped me get into some plays at the local theater and at school. Then I realized it wasn’t for me. After that I wanted to be a comedian. I remember telling your […]