Tonya Williamson of Orlando, Florida loves dogs, especially Rottweilers. She travels all over the east coast with her dogs to enter them in shows. Her dogs do very well. She recently showed her dogs at the Brandon Kennel Club this past week. Her dogs had a real good showing. One of them won “Best In Breed” and the other dogs placed. She was waiting for pictures of the show in the mail. When she got the mail, she found a letter than had her name and address on it and saw, it came from the same area. When she opened the envelope, she found something different… Dear Mrs. Williamson, Is this any of my business? NO? Am I showing my nose into your personal life? YES! Do I care how you feel about my interjection of facts about you? NO! Why am I doing this? Quite frankly I am not […]

Dear Jetstar, I see that there is a story going around about one of your passengers (Rich) who sat next to a “baby hippopotamus”. It went viral last year and is going viral again. In the letter, Rich said that he was engulfed by a fat man; your flight attendants did not care, and he had a horrible flight. Well, there is a lot more to the story. Much more. Take it from me. I am the so-called baby hippo who was sitting next to Rich. I was the man who smelled bad, smelled like cheese, and sat there like the world owed me a bigger seat. Except that is not the case at all. Let me tell you the true story. I was once over 400 pounds. When I was, I ALWAYS bought two seats because I have respect for people. Why would I want someone to feel weird […]

Andrea Schiappacasse is a fifth-grade teacher at Allen Elementary in Southgate, Michigan. She recently gave her students an assignment. She wanted her kids to write down a moment that they were proud of. All of the papers were great, but one stood out. When she was grading the papers, she came across one from Ally Johnson. Ally is a student that is full of life and is always in a good mood. While reading the story, Andrea started to tear up. Mike Johnson has battled obesity for a while. He has struggled with his weight but knew that he had to make a life change. He was well over 300 pounds. He started to see that he was not able to do things with his daughter. So he decided to lose weight and did it for her. He lost weight to ride a roller coaster. She was not tall enough in […]

When Jennifer was at a local coffee shop in Mississippi, she ran into a friend from work. Her friend was with a guy whom Jennifer has never seen. Jennifer realized that both her friend from work and the guy were drunk and unable to drive home. So she called her husband Shane who is a local cab driver. He came up to take the two home and told Jennifer he would get her after. Jennifer did not mind staying behind for a little bit. She was more concerned about their well being. While Shane was driving the two, he made the comment that he needed to hurry so that he could pick Jennifer back up. He did not make a reference that she was his wife. All of the sudden the guy said… “Oh well, she’s fat anyway.” Jennifer has struggled with her weight for most of her life. She […]

Katie Hopkins has recently gained 50 pounds to prove that there are no excuses with weight loss. So we wanted another perspective. Tony Posnanski is known on the Internet as a weight loss inspiration. He was featured in Huffington Post, CNN, and Yahoo for his courageous 220-pound weight loss, which he has kept off since 2008. We recently found out that he has gained close to 50 pounds this year. Of course, we thought it might be a publicity stunt. Of course, Tony is a “no excuse” guy who is all about courage! How could he possibly do this! We asked him about his weight gain and the reasoning behind it. “F*ck you! Everyone struggles.” Tony said in an exclusive interview. We were shocked to hear his response. Such an angry man! “I apologize for my comment. It is just that weigh gain happens. I am tired of the media […]

I will admit it. I am picking sides. I am a huge Andy Richter fan. I just think he is incredibly funny and quick witted. So when Chelsea Handler looked at him and asked if he liked the ocean and then asked if he liked to float, which was obviously based on his weight and a cheap shot… I thought his response was perfect.